Volunteer House in Da Nang

Our volunteers in Da Nang, Vietnam stay in our group volunteer house during their service trip.

The “Volunteer House” serves as home-base for our volunteers in Da Nang. They live, eat and socialize at the Volunteer House with fellow volunteers and our staff.

The Volunteer House is clean, comfortable, safe and secure. It is filled year-round with friendly volunteers from around the world.

Volunteer House Da Nang Meal

The house also serves as our meeting place for sharing information about the living and volunteering experience in Vietnam.

We do things like share the daily schedule, create lesson plans, discuss the day’s volunteer work, and strategize about better ways to volunteer. 

Volunteer House Da Nang Orientation

The experience and memories from the Volunteer House are always some of the best parts of the trips for our volunteers in Da Nang.

Where is the Volunteer House in Da Nang?

It’s located in a safe, quiet neighborhood about 15 minutes from the city center. The primary volunteering locations are within a 10-minute ride from the Volunteer House. 

Volunteer House on the Map:

There are two Vietnamese staff members who live in the house full-time. They provide supervision and support to volunteers 24 hours.

The Volunteer House accommodates up to 16 volunteers at a given time. There are plenty of rooms and bunk beds for volunteers.

Volunteer House Da Nang Bedroom

Volunteers have 3 home-cooked meals a day from Monday-Friday, prepared by one of the staffers.

The meals are a mix of western and Vietnamese food including pho soup, hamburgers, omelets, spring rolls, and chicken and rice.

Is the food spicy? No! Although there is always chili sauce on the table to heat things up if you wish.

Volunteer House Da Nang Chicken

Chicken and Rice

Volunteer House Da Nang Burgers

Burgers and Fries

Some other amenities at the Volunteer House:

  • WIFI
  • A/C in all bedrooms
  • Washing machine for laundry
  • Printer if needed

If you need a fresh breeze and view of the neighborhood, take a walk up to the rooftop terrace:

Volunteer House Da Nang Terrace

More photos of the Volunteer House in Da Nang:

Volunteer House Da Nang Sink

Volunteer House Da Nang Shower

Volunteer House Da Nang Toilet

Volunteer House Da Nang Kitchen

Volunteer House Da Nang Fridge

Volunteer House Da Nang Laundry

Volunteer House Da Nang Directors

Volunteer House Da Nang Seafood