Medical and Healthcare Volunteering Abroad

Our medical and healthcare volunteering abroad programs give you the opportunity to use your skills and experience to help others. You will also learn firsthand about medical care in places like Africa, India and Nepal including about common diseases, treatments, and access to healthcare abroad.

Medical and healthcare volunteers must be studying or practicing in the healthcare field. This includes doctors, nurses, EMT’s, and medical and nursing students with clinical experience. Premed students can also join the program but only to shadow healthcare practitioners, especially in rural clinics.

Volunteers in our medical and healthcare volunteering abroad projects typically perform tasks like taking vital signs, dressing wounds, administering shots, drawing blood, holding babies while they are being treated. They also can help to screen and organize patients, assist staff with supplies, and generally help out in whatever capacity they might need you.

Medical and Healthcare Volunteering Abroad

Ghana Africa Medical Volunteering

Volunteer in Ghana: Medical & Healthcare

Kenya Medical Volunteering

Volunteer in Kenya: Medical & Healthcare

Medical Volunteering Tanzania

Volunteer in Tanzania: Medical & Healthcare