Tuan Phuong Motel in Da Nang, Vietnam

I stayed at the Tuan Phuong Motel in Da Nang on my volunteer trip to Vietnam for Cosmic Volunteers in August 2018. 

I loved staying at Tuan Phuong Motel! I would definitely book here again. I would also highly recommend this hotel to family members and friends who are visiting our volunteer programs in Da Nang.

I ended up staying for ten days total. At $10 per night, the price was right. The hotel was clean and friendly and located across the street from the beach.

Why I Loved Tuan Phuong Motel

  • Hotel is clean
  • Staff is friendly
  • WIFI included
  • Neighborhood is safe
  • Across the street from the beach
  • Plenty of hot water
  • Freezing A/C in rooms
  • Very quiet (I had interior room #302)
  • Cheap laundry service (about $3 for a medium suitcase)
  • Roof terrace for stunning views of Da Nang Bay

The airport is about 15 minutes by taxi from Tuan Phuong Motel. Same for downtown Da Nang.

Walk one block inland and you’ll find many local restaurants, coffee shops, and lots of smiling locals saying hello and eager to practice English.

Get up at 530 AM to see fishing boats selling their catch on the beach, locals exercising, and to just enjoy the Da Nang sunrise!

Tuan Phuong Motel Details

Hotel Name: Tuan Phuong Motel (AKA Hostel Tuan Phuong) 
Address: 1755 Nguyen Tat Thanh Street | Thanh Khe District, Da Nang, Vietnam
Reviews: TripAdvisor
How to book: Airbnb or Booking.com

(Do not confuse Tuan Phuong Motel with the “Tuan Phong Hotel Da Nang” at address 19 Hà Bổng!)

Possible Negatives about Tuan Phuong Motel

None of the things below following bothered me at all. But I list them because I appreciate that some travelers may see them as difficulties.

  • Beds are hard (common in Vietnam)
  • There’s no elevator
  • I had to use a language translation app sometimes with the staff
  • The hotel is away from tourist areas (10-15 minute taxi from city)

Tuan Phuong Motel Da Nang Front

Tuan Phuong Motel Da Nang Street

Tuan Phuong Motel Da Nang Lobby

Tuan Phuong Motel Da Nang Beach

Tuan Phuong Motel Da Nang Bedroom

Tuan Phuong Motel Da Nang Bathroom

Tuan Phuong Motel Da Nang Sink

Tuan Phuong Motel Da Nang Shower