Our Mission

Mission of Cosmic Volunteers

Our mission is to serve people in the developing world through volunteer work. We find communities and projects who welcome us in. We prepare, guide and support our volunteers on trips abroad. Both our volunteers and US staff learn about new cultures, do meaningful volunteer work, and make long-lasting human connections. Our work creates more harmony in the world as we connect people from different cultures.


Our Values

Helping: We do this work to help others – one person, one moment at a time. “Saving the World” is not even in our vocabulary.

Learning: We first understand a person’s culture and community before trying to make a meaningful, enduring contribution their life. We do not impose our values or sensibilities on anyone.

Sharing: Our volunteers share their knowledge, experience, resources and – most importantly – their hearts with those they help.

Organization: We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. Any profits are reinvested in our mission instead of benefiting our staff or partners personally.