Why Cosmic Volunteers

We provide our volunteers with a high level of trust and caring, detailed pre-trip preparation, worthwhile projects, safe locations, reliable local coordinators, and welcoming host families.


You can count on us every step of the way — before, during and after your trip. With so many websites offering these trips, the choices can be overwhelming. So we are glad you found Cosmic Volunteers. We have hundreds of former volunteers who can vouch for us — read what they have to say on our testimonials page.


All of our volunteer areas in our host countries are safe, both in terms of personal safety and health. If these locations were not safe, there is absolutely no way we would send volunteers there. In 10+ years the most serious issues we’ve had are a handful of volunteers who contracted malaria and typhoid in Ghana and Kenya (they quickly recovered), as well as a public-bus accident in Ghana where a volunteer had a fractured leg. The most common ailment our volunteers face is travelers diarrhea.

Worthwhile Programs

The projects you’ll work on provide real benefits to the local community. We are not there to vacation or party — we are there to help those who have invited us into their neighborhoods, organizations and communities. Each year Scott receives over 1,000 requests from organizations abroad like orphanages, schools and agents who want our volunteers, but we select only a handful with whom our volunteers work.

Labor of Love

This work is a true vocation for Scott Burke, our in-country coordinators, and our host families. As the Founder & Director of Cosmic Volunteers, Scott is immersed in our work literally 365 days a year to help things run smoothly. Scott gives his cell phone to all of our volunteers and their families, so please give him a call or text anytime at 1-267-456-2763.

Fair Prices

We aren’t the lowest or highest priced program out there. But we do need to charge program fees. Why? Volunteering abroadĀ programs cost a small fortune to run, and all of our funding (100%) comes from the program fees paid by our volunteers. We neither ask for nor receive any money from governments or churches or any other type of organization. We use the program fees to do things like vet and pay our local coordinators, provide housing and meals to volunteers, arrange volunteering positions, recruit and train host families, airport transfers, prepare volunteers for their trips, provide 24 hour emergency support, donating cash and items to our projects abroad, paying ourselves small salaries — and much more.