Zoe Patterson: Orphanage Volunteer in Accra, Ghana

Just a quick email to say I’m having a great time here in Ghana. The host family are just wonderful! I didn’t actually think it was possible to PUT ON weight in Africa, but there you go, you learn something new every day.

The heat is still taking some getting used to and I seem to be taking regular naps after working in the orphanage. I have met another Cosmic Volunteer there, young Anna from the States. I’ve made some really great friends and am ’embracing’ the Ghanaian way (e.g I can now eat very well just using my hands!).

My Coordinator Mr. Donkah has been an excellent guide, taking time off to show me the sights and the ways of Ghana. Definitely eased me into this Ghanaian way of life! Thank you!

Thanks for accepting me on this programme.

Zoe Patterson (Ireland)
Orphanage Volunteer in Accra, Ghana