Yuki Sakurai Volunteers in India

Yuki is a management consultant in Tokyo and a USC alum. He just returned from volunteering at an orphanage in Tuni, India.

Yuki’s reflections on the trip:

My stay at the Orphanage in Tuni, India was an enlightening and eye opening experience.

Being a business person in Japan, I was worried at first if I could be at any help to the Orphanage or the kids who are there, especially with my schedule only allowing me to stay with them for about a week.

However, after arriving at Tuni, the BIG smiles on the kids blew away all of my worries. The kids (orphans) are not what you may expect in the States or Japan; they are totally energetic and hungry for learning!

Although my short schedule required me to prioritize issues to work on, I was able to give them all the love and education possible.

(My goal for the week was to have the kids understand roman numerals; I think they were able to get it on the last day).

My take-away from this experience is that, with India rapidly growing, education and care for children is becoming a large commodity but supply is not catching up with demand and every little bit counts; this is not just the case with the Orphanage but my impression of the general community.

The Orphanage is still in its baby stages and the owner is someone looking straight at the kids; doing everything they can for their welfare. Hopefully I can work around my schedule and plan another (and longer) stay there again to help out with the growth and sustainability of the orphanage.

Yuki Sakurai Volunteers in India

Yuki Sakurai Volunteers in India