Volunteering in Bangalore India with the Lovedale Foundation

Our host organization for our travelers volunteering in Bangalore India is the Lovedale Foundation.

Cosmic Volunteers’ Director Scott Burke first visited the Lovedale Foundation in Bangalore in 2004 to establish our partnership.

Scott spent several days at the Lovedale Foundation with founder Jeny Verma. She gave Scott and his sister Susan (on her first-ever trip to India) a tour of her children’s home, office and the Bangalore area itself.

volunteering in bangalore india

volunteering in bangalore india

volunteering in bangalore india

volunteering in bangalore india

The experience easily convinced Scott to start programs here for volunteering in Bangalore India.

Miss Verma has won numerous awards in India for her work humanitarian work including:

  • Woman of the Year 2015  by Awards by Garshom
  • Iconic Woman 2016 by Eastern Group
  • Educationist of the Year 2016  by the Wokhardt Foundation

The Lovedale Foundation is a not profit organization with a mission to “…unleash the potential of under-served children from stone quarry’s, orphanages, streets and slums since 2001.”

They are a first-class organization doing tremendous work for kids in India.

We hope to continue sending people to our volunteering in Bangalore India program with the Lovedale Foundation for many years to come.