Peru Healthcare Internships

We welcome healthcare students and professionals to served as interns in Peru, in either Lima or Cusco. You can focus on a specialty or be placed at a smaller clinic for a more wide-ranging experience.

You will be paired with either a doctor or nurse who will serve as your mentor and primary contact at the hospital or clinic. When you first arrive, the doctor/nurse will show you around the hospital and talk to you about your expectations and desired area of work.

In Lima, most volunteers work at one of the large hospitals in the downtown area. These types of facilities are very busy, with many different departments, like emergency, pharmacy, maternity, etc. They primarily treat under-served patient populations.

In Cusco, our volunteers work at smaller medical centers and clinics. The atmosphere is slower-paced than Lima, however there is still plenty of work for volunteers. The medical centers in Cusco provides general care for the people living in the surrounding area at a very low cost to the patients.

Volunteers in our medical programs must be studying or practicing in the healthcare field, as doctors, nurses, EMT’s, and medical and nursing students with clinical experience. We do not accept premed students into the program. Volunteers must also speak at least intermediate Spanish.