Visa For Vietnam

All travelers must have a visa for Vietnam.

You must obtain the Vietnam visa before you arrive in Vietnam from a Vietnamese consulate or embassy in the country where you currently reside.

Visa forms and instructions can be found at the Vietnamese Embassy in Washington D.C.

(Note: Travelers can also obtain a Vietnam visa upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam. However we do not recommend this because it is more expensive and — more importantly — there are often difficulties at Immigration in Vietnam with this type of visa)

Items to Submit with Your Vietnam Visa Application

  • Your Passport (valid for at least 1 month more than the visa date)
  • Visa application form
  • One (1) Recent Passport Photograph
  • Visa Fee (cash, postal order or bankers draft only)
  • Self addressed, pre-paid envelope

Obtain a Vietnam Visa Before Arrival in Vietnam

You can apply either 1) in-person, 2) by post, or 3) via a travel agent.

Apply for the Vietnam visa four (4) weeks before you leave for Vietnam.

Obtain a “tourist” visa for Vietnam.

Indicate “single-entry” visa on the form.

Email the Vietnamese Embassy at for the the current visa fees.

You do not need a letter from Cosmic Volunteers or any entity in Vietnam.

Submit your actual passport (not a photocopy) even when applying by post.

If applying by post, use a service that has tracking numbers like FedEx.

The Vietnam embassy will return your passport to you by post using the self-address, postage-paid envelope you included in your visa submission. The Vietnam visa sticker will be inside your passport.