Visa for Thailand

Stays of 30 days or less
Citizens from most western countries do not need a visa for stays in Thailand of 30 days or less. This is referred to as a “visa exemption”. Upon entry, Thai immigration officials will place an immigration stamp in your passport permitting the 30-day stay. See list of exempt countries.

Stays of more than 30 days
You must obtain a “tourist” visa before arriving in Thailand from a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate. The tourist visa (Category: TR) must be used within 90 days from the date of issue and allows an initial stay of 60 days. After arrival in Thailand, a tourist visa may be extended twice, each time for an additional 30 days.

Please do not apply for the Thai visa before we review the process with you.

To obtain the Thai visa, you will need to present the following to the Thai embassy / consulate:

  • Passport (actual passport, not a copy)
  • Visa form
  • Two (2) passport photos
  • Visa fee of $40 (money order in US Dollars)
  • Copy of flight confirmation/reservation
  • Copy of recent bank statement
  • Postage-paid self-addressed envelope from FedEx / UPS / USPS (for the Thai embassy / consulate to mail your passport back to you)

For minors under 20 years old, you must also provide following documents:
– Notarized copy of a birth certificate
– Notarized copy of parents’ marriage certificate (or notarized copy of court order sole custody)
– Notarized copy or original passports or ID of mother and father / legal guardian
– Notarized letter of consent to travel abroad from mother and father / legal guardian

Apply for the Thai visa four weeks before you leave home for Thailand.

You can safely apply for the visa by postal mail. The Thai embassy / consulate usually takes 7-12 calendar days to process and return your passport/visa to you.

We will provide you with information for the visa form such as visa type, your Thai address and local contact person.

The Thai Embassy website for address, visa form, instructions and fees is at: