Elephant Camp Volunteering in Thailand

Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand in the Chiang Mai Province. Most of the elephants at the sanctuaries were rescued from working in the tourist industry. As a volunteer you will assist with the elephants’ rehabilitation and help the local elephant keepers (“mahouts”) and other villagers establish alternative livelihoods.

This elephant conservation project relies on volunteers to help care for and volunteer with the elephants of the sanctuary and to support its community development programs. Volunteering with elephants means you will be involved in a range of tasks including:

  • Preparing food for the elephants
  • Feeding the elephants
  • Walking with the elephants
  • Bathing the elephants
  • Cutting grass and corn for elephants
  • Learning about elephants conservation
  • Teaching English part-time to sanctuary staff 

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You will work with the elephant trainers on how to care for the elephants. Your activities will involve bathing and feeding the elephants, and moving food and supplies.

Most volunteers also spend part of their time teaching English to the elephant trainers and other staff, as well as the staff’s children and other local students.

The elephant camp has been open for 20+ years, has over 70 elephants and roughly 250 workers. Many of the workers are of minority, ethnic, hill-tribe descent. The main camp we send volunteers to is 40 miles (65 kilometers) from Chiang Mai city. The camp is surrounded by mountains and is split down the middle with a small river.

After you have settled in and gotten acclimated to working at the camp, the staff might ask you to explain to day visitors the various safety precautions the camp has.

Dates & Length of Stay

Our program in Thailand is available year-round. You choose the dates for your program. The minimum / maximum stay is two weeks for the Elephant Park program.

Program Fees

  • 2 Weeks: $1,405

What’s Included

  • Volunteer Placement
  • Meals & Accommodations
  • Airport Pickup & Drop-Off
  • 24-hour Support
  • Orientation in Thailand
  • Handbook for Thailand
  • Pre-trip Guidance & Support
  • Assistance with Visa Process
  • Drop-off at Program Site
  • Guidance with Extra Sightseeing
  • Cosmic Volunteers T-shirt
  • Certificate of Participation
  • An experience that will last a lifetime!

(Not Included: Flights, Insurance, Visas)

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