Teaching Buddhist Monks in Thailand

Teach English to Buddhist monks in Thailand at a temple in the city of Chiang Mai. The monks range in age from 12-18.

Volunteers assist the Thai faculty with English instruction, from Monday – Friday for approximately 15 hours per week. Depending on your comfort level, you can choose to have your own classroom OR serve as a teacher’s assistant to one of the Thai teachers.

In addition to English lessons, you can use your varied educational background in order to teach art or help in other subject areas and activities that may be occurring at the school during you service.

The school’s goal is to educate the monks in both religious and secular subjects, providing secondary education for boys who might not be able to afford other avenues of education.

Most of the faculty and administration are Buddhist monks. They care deeply that volunteers have chosen to give their time and energy to teaching the novice monks. They also want volunteers to experience and learn about the culture and traditions of Thailand, as well as Buddhism. As with all of our programs, an open mind is essential in achieving these goals.

Another interesting facet of this volunteer program is that volunteers are welcomed to join the students and teachers in practicing group meditation, Buddhist prayers and chants, along with other religious and cultural celebrations and activities that occur within the school and community. It is certainly not required of you to join in, but again, keep an open mind and think about taking part in some of the activities.

You do not need prior teaching experience for this program. However, you must be a self-starter who can make-do with a lack of teaching materials and resources.