Ghana Drumming Classes with Edi Gbordzi

We provide our volunteers in Ghana with an African drumming class. It’s an incredible fun cultural experience.

If you happen to live in Wisconsin, you have the opportunity to take classes with world famous Ghanaian drummer Edi Gbordzi. starting in October 2015. Classes will be held at the Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts.

Edi is a master drummer, dancer, singer, and composer from Ghana. The early years of his life were spent fully immersed in the drumming and singing traditions of the Ewe culture. As a teenager, he founded the youth choir for his church in Madina, Accra.

Edi’s professional career began with Ghana’s National Music and Dance Ensemble (Ghana Dance Ensemble) at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana which brought his talents to a broader audience, both regional and international. With the National Music and Dance Ensemble, he performed across West Africa, Europe and the United States.

He quickly caught the eye of several Universities in the United States and kept a busy travel schedule as visiting faculty for Howard University in Washington D.C., Temple University in Philadelphia, the A & T University Greensboro, NC and others.

He later accepted a permanent adjunct faculty position with the University of Wisconsin – Madison and taught for three years. During this time he continued performing, teaching workshops, leading residencies for K-12 schools, libraries, community centers, festivals, other events and founded Atimevu Drum and Dance Ensemble which recently celebrated it’s 10th anniversary.

His current and most exciting creation is the versatile and multi-talented band, Edi Gbordzi & Timbukale, featuring his original compositions, traditional Ghanaian songs with fresh new arrangements and the traditional drumming and dancing of Ghana.

Over the course of time, Edi has never strayed far from his roots. The powerful rhythmic language he acquired as a young child is still the driving force behind all of his creative projects.

Thursdays from October 1 – November 5
45-minute classes. Two Sessions

4 – 7 years old students at 5 pm
8 – 13 year old students at 6 pm
Fee is $60 ($48 for Friends of THELMA)