Supervision While Volunteering Abroad

For all of our teen volunteer trips abroad, Cosmic Volunteers provides 24 hour supervision. Here’s how it works:

You are only allowed to leave the premises of your host family if you are accompanied by at least one of the following people: Host Family Parent, Trip Supervisor, Country Coordinator, or Group Leader from Home. This includes program activities as well as free time. For example, even if you want to rise early for jogging – you must do so with one of the people mentioned above.

Arriving at the airport in Kathmandu, Nepal

Arriving at the airport in Kathmandu, Nepal

Trip Supervisor from U.S.

A staff member from Cosmic Volunteers in Philadelphia will travel to the host country to serve as the full-time Trip Supervisor (TS). The TS will be the main supervisor and 24 hour contact in the host country for both you and your parents back home. The TS is available to accompany your group on the flight from home to the host country if you prefer. For example if you live in the Los Angeles area, our TS will fly to L.A. several days before your departure then go on the same flight with you to the host country.

Orientation in Guatemala with our Local Coordinator

Orientation in Antigua, Guatemala with our Local Coordinator

Local Country Coordinator

We have a full-time Country Coordinator (CC) in all of our host countries. The CC is always a native of the host country; so of course they know the culture and speak the local language(s) fluently. The CC will serve as the local supervisor and also be available 24 hours to your parents back home. Our CC will meet our group at the airport in the host country. They will work with the TS to provide a detailed orientation, accompany you to the host families, supervise the volunteer work and excursions, and be available 24 hours for emergencies.

Group Leaders from Home

We encourage you to have at least one Adult Group Leader from home go on the trip. This can be a teacher, school administrator, or even a parent. There is no age requirement for adult group leaders. Having a teacher on the trip can be especially important in helping students put aspects of their school’s curriculum into practice.