Stacey Caswell: Journalism Intern in Quito, Ecuador

I had an extremely positive experience with Diario La Hora and would recommend the program to anyone. The people were more than helpful and the journalists there were some of the most friendly that I have met anywhere.

In addition, my Program Coordinators in Ecuador were very organized and always willing to help in any way that they can. Their tenacity and organization…helped me to make the most of my time there.

Also, through my internship, I was able to improve my Spanish tenfold and become an active journalist in control of my own beat, which was a goal of mine when I first arrived.

As I’m now looking for a job, I’m sure this experience will serve as a positive part of my resume and a unique experience that will show employers my ability as a journalist.

Cosmic’s Note:
Stacey, who is fluent in Spanish, has a Master of Science in Journalism at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. Before joining Cosmic Volunteers’ internship in Ecuador, Stacey earned a B.A. in Spanish and Communication with a Concentration in Journalism from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. She also wrote multiple front page articles and feature pieces for The Poughkeepsie Journal.

Stacey Caswell (USA)
Journalism Intern at Newspaper in Quito, Ecuador