Scott Burke, Founder & Director

Inspired by my experience as a volunteer teacher in Nepal in 2000, I started my own organization called Cosmic Volunteers to guide others on volunteering trips abroad.

Over the years, thousand of participants from around the world have had life-changing experiences through our volunteer programs abroad. They have traveled to non-western countries to serve as teachers abroad and  medical interns and to study Spanish abroad. Along the way, we have all learned about new cultures and formed lasting friendships.

Cosmic Volunteers is not the largest or oldest volunteer travel organization. But I truly believe that no one surpasses the level of caring and trust that we provide to our volunteers and those they help abroad.

Whether you are a student, professional or retiree – We look forward to sharing our world with you. Call us today and begin your own special volunteering journey!

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Scott visiting a school in Sri Lanka in 2019: