Melissa Hiebert: Orphanage Volunteer in Ghana

Thank you so much Cosmic Volunteers!

I had the time of my life in Ghana, both fun and rewarding. All of the people there were wonderful, and my host parents became like a second family to me. It’s always been my dream to travel and volunteer, and this program was a step above anything I had expected or hoped for. Thanks again for an amazing experience!

The Pretrip Guide

The pre-trip guide was very helpful, it does include a lot about the local culture and prepares you for life in a foreign country. Perhaps you can also ask volunteers what they would like to see added to the pre-trip briefing

Program Duties the same as on website?

Yes they were generally the same, though I think a lot of it is country-dependant. Ghana is a very laid back culture, so you can expect a very laid back working atmosphere. it was very unscheduled and never on time, but that is charachteristic of the culture there. I think this is important to keep in mind when you are planning on volunteering somewhere. Where I was though it was good because there was a lot of flexibility. if you wanted to switch positions or locations while you were there, you were free
to do so.

Local Coordinator

Yes, my coordinator was great, he was a good friend and was easily accessable if you needed anything, and really took time to introduce you to life and culture in Ghana.

Host Family

They were amazing, I will definitely keep in touch with them. It was very hard to leave, they became like a second family to me.


I was able to do some, we went to the canopy walk ( i forget the name of it) which was nice. also to some of the old castles in cape coast. The beach is also lovely to spend time at.

Do you believe the experience of volunteering abroad changed you in any way? Would you volunteer again?

I think volunteering opens your eyes to the realities of a foreign culture. I will most likely be volunteering through cosmic again soon.

Melissa Hiebert (Canada)
Orphanage Volunteer in Cape Coast, Ghana