Meghan Volunteering in Kpando, Ghana

Meghan recently volunteered in Ghana with Cosmic Volunteers:

Hi Scott [Burke],

i just got home from kpando and i wanted to write you and tell you that i had an amazing time!

i thought you should know that my experience in ghana and with cosmic volunteers was the best experience of my life, even more life changing than living in spain for a year! so thank you so much for your help and checking up on me and giving me this amazing opportunity!

i’m having a hard time adjusting to being home and having a bit of culture shock. i love ghana and i love the children at the orphanage even more. i had such a good time that i’m looking into flights to go back to visit the kids within the next few months.

i fell in love with the children there and feel as if i have made a family away from home. i was a wreck leaving and i think i cried harder than they’ve ever seen a person cry. i even had 2 other girls that are volunteering there in tears which was kind of them.

also, edem [children’s home director] is a gem! he is doing such wonderful things for his people and the kids there.

it’s funny i almost came home with a child! i wanted to adopt a child but i realized that i would be of no use to them as im a poor college graduate!

oh and abigail [my host mother] was wonderful! i loved her! she speaks very highly of you and considers you part of her family which i thought was really sweet.

(Call or text us at 1-215-609-4196 to see how you can have your own special experience volunteering in Ghana.)