Lumo, Kenya

Lumo is a rural area where our wildlife conservation programs in Kenya are based. The area is most well-known for the Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is managed by local Kenyan ranches who work together to sustain the wildlife and land of Lumo. All volunteers live on the grounds of the wildlife sanctuary in the group houses. Lumo is another wonderful way to experience rural Africa. 

Volunteer Programs in Lumo

We have the following volunteer program in Lumo: Wildlife Conservation.

Location of Lumo

Lumo is located about 200 miles south of Nairobi.  The area is surrounded by the North and South Pares Mountains, Mount Kilimanjaro (50 miles away), the West Usambara Mountains and the Taita Hills. The landscape is mostly rolling savannah and the remnants of an ancient tropical rainforest.

Getting Around Lumo

Our local Kenyan Coordinator will accompany you by public bus(es) from Nairobi to the wildlife sanctuary in Lumo. Once at the wildlife sanctuary in Lumo, it is impractical to travel anywhere outside the park except on weekends.

During the week, you will get around the wildlife sanctuary only in the jeeps owned by the sanctuary. The area of the wildlife sanctuary is huge at 125,000 acres. So the large distances needed to travel to work in the sanctuary are too great for walking. More importantly though, the sanctuary has no fences — the animals roam free throughout. So there is a very real danger of being attacked by the wildlife. Our rule is simply: You are NOT allowed to walk anywhere at the sanctuary.

Climate in Lumo

The climate in Lumo is warm. The average high is 85 F and average low is 69 F. The rainiest months are March and April; otherwise the area gets moderate rainfall.

Free time in Lumo

One a free afternoon, you should definitely go to the Lion’s Bluff Lodge for lunch and a cool drink. From Lion’s Bluff you can easily see for miles across the savannah.

On weekday evenings, you will spend time at the wildlife sanctuary at either the group house or in the office. 

On weekends you can take a matatu bus to visit some of the small rural towns near Lumo. There are restaurants and shops in these towns and along the dirt roads in between. You can also take a safari in nearby Tsavo National Park. The beaches in Mombasa are just a few hours away as well. Also consider a 3-4 day trip to Tanzania.