Mumbai, India

Volunteer in Mumbai and experience modern life in India in a city full of contrasts. Tourists often pass by Mumbai on their way to or from the beaches of Goa. But one of the true ways to experience the city is to volunteer in Mumbai. In Mumbai our volunteer programs include: Teaching, Street Children, and Health Care Internships.

Mumbai is the largest city in India with over 15 million people. It is one place in India where you will see the extremes of the country on a daily basis.

Hindi and Marathi are the official languages of Mumbai, but English is widely spoken as well. Most signs are displayed in Hindi and English.

Volunteers in Mumbai usually stay with an Indian host family. Another option for volunteers are the local guesthouses located in the tourist area of town. 

Most of your meals will be included. If you are staying in an apartment or guesthouse, you can have meals delivered to your apartment through home delivery services, cook, or eat at one of the many wonderful cheap café’s and restaurants throughout the city.

Cell phone service and Internet cafes are widely available in Mumbai. Mobile phones are the way to be truly connected in this city, and luckily they are cheap to have and use. If you have a tri-band phone it will work here, otherwise you can buy a new phone for around 50 USD.

In Mumbai there is an abundance of transportation options. It is likely that you will have to commute at least a short distance to your place of work, as Mumbai is a large city. You can use the efficient and cheap local rail system, local buses, auto rickshaws and taxis. Transportation is very cheap compared to western standards. A taxi across town in rush hour will cost around 5 USD or a first class train a little over 1 USD (second class less than 25 cents!). Volunteers are responsible for the cost of their daily transport in Mumbai.

Health & Safety
Although India does not require any vaccinations in order to enter the country, we strongly recommend that participants consult with a travel doctor at least two months before arrival.

The climate in Mumbai is hot and humid most of the year. The rainy season is between mid-June and September. The temperature in summer (April-June) ranges from 26 to 30 Celsius, with high humidity. In winter (December – early-February), the range is 17 to 28 Celsius, with low humidity. Click here for the current weather in Mumbai.

Sightseeing & Activities
Mumbai has many local museums, galleries, and cultural performances to experience during your stay. A visit to the local dhobi ghat (outdoor laundry), local temples, Buddhist caves, tiger safari, large outdoor markets and street bazaars are enough to keep you busy for your stay. Mumbai is a shoppers delight as any and everything can be found or made quite cheaply!