Jaipur, India

Volunteer in Jaipur, one of India’s prettiest cities, in the northwestern part of the country. Jaipur is known for its beauty and is perhaps India’s most well-planned city. Because of its rose-colored buildings it is often called the “Pink City.” Our volunteer programs include working with children, at medical clinics, and at schools.

Jaipur is located in north-western India in the state of Rajasthan, approximately 160 miles from Delhi and 700 miles from Mumbai. Jaipur has a population of 2.5 million. Your flight should arrive in Jaipur at Jaipur Airport (aka Sanganer Airport). Most likely your international flight will first connect in Mumbai or Delhi.

Hindi is the official local language in Jaipur, however Rajasthani and English are also widely spoken.

You will stay with a local Indian family in Jaipur who will provide you with your own room, most meals, include you in family activities, and generally help you adjust to and learn about their culture and country. Our families can host more than one volunteer at a time, so you can stay in the same house with your friend(s) or partner. You may also need to share a room with another volunteer if you are traveling alone.

Meals in Jaipur usually will be vegetarian and will be freshly cooked 2/3 times a day depending on your program. A typical Indian meal consists of rice, roti (bread), dal (lentils), vegetables and salad. Meat is seldom cooked, however you can always order some if you wish to eat.

We strongly suggest that you have a mobile phone while in India. You can bring an “unlocked” GSM phone from home, or buy a mobile phone at one of the numerous market areas in Jaipur. For the SIM card, we recommend that you buy the SIM card at the airport upon arrival, due to new telecommunication laws. For Internet access, there are shops about 10-minutes away from your host families. Your host family will also have a phone that you can use for emergencies and local calls.

Our local Jaipur Coordinator will pick you up at the airport and accompany you to your host family. It is best to arrange a flight that arrives during the day. However if you arrive late at night, we will take you to a hotel (cost is included in your program fee). On a daily basis in Jaipur, volunteers usually travel by “auto rickshaw” by themselves. Our local coordinator will show you how to do that for the first day. At the end of your program, your Coordinator will accompany you to the airport.

Health & Safety
Jaipur is safe in terms of personal safety as well as health, especially compared to other large Indian cities. The biggest problem faced by volunteers is usually an occasional upset stomach as their bodies adjust to the food and water and warmer climate. Only drink bottled water, which costs $0.30 (12 Rupees). There is also the risk of malaria, so check with your travel doctor to see if malaria medication might be appropriate. There are medical clinics and large hospitals in Jaipur that can handle basic and serious medical problems.

The climate of Jaipur is very hot and mostly dry. High temperatures range from 72 F in January April to 105 F in May. There is a brief wet monsoon season in July/August. Click here for the current forecast.

Sightseeing & Activities
There are many sightseeing and cultural events to see in and around Jaipur. Some of the highlights include Amber Palace, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Jantar Manar, and the Govind Dev Ji temple. You can also take weekends trips to Delhi and Mumbai.