We encourage you to do fundraising for your volunteer trip abroad.

After you officially sign-up for your program, we can send you fundraising materials including brochures, postcards and a customized letter on company letterhead that you can show to potential donors (click for sample letter).

In addition, here are some fundraising approaches:

Let donors know that you are volunteering with Cosmic Volunteers, which is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity registered with the IRS in the US. Our tax ID is 33-0998120. By law and by my personal philosophy, I do not run these programs for profit, unlike many volunteer organizations you will find online.

Write your own fundraising letter. This letter should tell possible donors about your volunteer project, your goals and why their contribution is important. You can also include some information about Cosmic Volunteers. Many of your sponsors will not be familiar with the intricacies of international volunteering or international development; they will be more interested in contributing to a good cause (education, the health field, community development, animal rescue).

When talking to potential donors, don’t be afraid to ask for a specific amount of money. When you say “contribution”, some people are thinking $5, while others are thinking $100. Tell people how much you need. Let them know the total amount that you are hoping to fundraise. Also, always follow up after talking with someone.

Let your potential donors know that you will be in contact after you return. Maybe offer to send pictures or give a small presentation at the business or group that has given you funding.

Create a Facebook page, blog or website

Contact your school (If your volunteer program can be integrated into an academic or service-learning course, there may also be some other funds that could be used.)

Apply for a grant from a Foundation or Trust Fund (many of these can be found online)

Reach out to local businesses rather than large corporations (there is much less ‘red tape’ with small businesses agreeing to donate)

Places of Worship

Events (sales, raffles, parties)

Encourage potential donors to visit our website and get familiar with our history and philosophy.