Tips for Booking Flights

  • Buying your tickets far in advance usually get you the cheapest fare.
  • Buy your tickets on a Tuesday or Wednesday (this means the purchase date, not the travel date).
  • Don’t buy your tickets on Saturday or Sunday (again, the purchase date, not the travel date).
  • Call the airlines directly (the airlines do not always have the cheapest fares online).

Discounted Airfare

Cosmic Volunteers is registered with the non-profit “Fly For Good”. Founded by international volunteers, Fly For Good negotiates airfare discounts of 10% to 25% off the published rate for non-profits (like Cosmic Volunteers), their family members and their volunteers.

Here’s how it works:

  • Book your flights via Fly For Good’s website.
  • Fill out a form at their website with basic details about your volunteer trip (including the fact that you’re going abroad with Cosmic Volunteers).
  • Cosmic Volunteers will then send you a letter confirming your participation in our programs.
  • Present this letter when checking-in at the airport.