Participant Contract

The following is the template for the contract our volunteers sign before departing for their trips. After you sign-up for a program, we will email you a customized contract for you to sign and return to us.

Cosmic Volunteers — Participant Contract

Participant Name: ___________________________________

Host Country: ___________________________________

Program: ___________________________________

Start Date: ___________________________________

End Date: ___________________________________

1. As the Participant named above, I have agreed to participate in one or more of Cosmic Volunteers’ programs.

2. I agree to follow all applicable rules and policies of Cosmic Volunteers, its partner organizations and host families, as well as the laws of the host country(s) and the guidelines of the communities I travel to.

3. I understand that I must complete / provide the following tasks prior to the program start date: online application, flight itinerary, resume / CV, copy of passport ID page, signed participant contract, pre-trip questionnaire, dietary requirements, medical conditions, emergency contact details,; pay program fee of $________ USD.

4. I understand that no portion of the program fee is refundable if I decide to quit the program after the Program Start Date. If Cosmic Volunteers itself cancels the program after the Program Start Date, Cosmic Volunteers will refund the unused portion of the program fee paid.

5. The program fee includes: airport pickup and drop-off in ______________, in-country orientation, accommodations, meals (except Sundays), volunteer work placement, one sightseeing excursion, Internet access at accommodations, 24 hour emergency support, t-shirt, and certificate of completion.

6. The program fee does not include: airfare, visa fees, salary or wages, vaccinations, medical bills, insurance, or any other costs not listed in section five (5).

7. I understand that I am responsible for any additional costs I may incur during personal time or on activities that are outside the scope of the program.

8. I release Cosmic Volunteers and its officers and agents and partners from any and all claims and causes of action for loss of property, personal injury or illness, accident, delay or expense sustained by the Participant arising out of any travel or activity conducted by or under the control of Cosmic Volunteers and its partners.

Signature of Participant: __________________________________ Date: _______________

Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian*: _____________________________ Date: ______________

*Required if Participant is under 18 on program start date.