Xmas Party and Jesus Play in India

We at Cosmic Volunteers just received a heartfelt Greetings from Sri Ramana Matriculation School in Tamil Nadu, India.

The principal Mr. Karuna writes to us and our volunteers in India, “Wish you a Prosperous and Happy New Year Ahead!”

The children at the school staged the play of the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Santa Claus made an appearance as well !!

Interested in teaching in India with the students at Sri Ramana school? Contact us!

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India Xmas Jesus Birth 02

India Xmas Santa Claus Gift

India Xmas Party

India Xmas Party Kids

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Kengeri School Project in India

In November 2005 Cosmic Volunteers created and funded the Kengeri School Project in Bangalore, India.

The following is the project document written and distributed by Cosmic Volunteers:

Project Summary

To install bathroom and toilet facilities for students at the Kengeri Primary School in rural India. The school currently has only one toilet to serve over 700 students. The total cost of the project will be $2,500 which is being raised through donations.

The project is being organized by US-based volunteer organization Cosmic Volunteers and ARIVU (later renamed to Peace Child India), a non-profit organization in India that develops education programs for rural schools in India.

Cosmic Volunteers is donating $1,000 toward the project, with the rest of the $1,500 being raised from donors.

The Kengeri School

The Kengeri School is a government-run (“public”) co-educational school with 702
students and twelve teachers. The school is located in a rural area in south India, on the
outskirts of the city of Bangalore. The students are from Class 1 to 7. Sixty percent (60%)
of the students are from the Dalit caste, which is one of poorest, most marginalized and
oppressed groups in India.

The school currently has only one toilet to serve over 700 students. The situation is
extremely unhealthy and degrading for students. Furthermore, many of the female
students of menstruation age regularly miss several days of school each month because of
the lack of bathroom facilities.

Facts about the Kengeri School

Official Name: Kengeri Government Rural Secondary School
Town: Kengeri Hobli
City: Bangalore
State: Karnataka
Country: India
Type of School: Government (“public”) school for Dalit children
Number of students: 702 total (350 boys, 352 girls)
Number of teachers: 12
Class range: Class 1 (age 5) to Class 7 (age 14)
School’s Founder: Kengal Hanumanthaiah
Year founded: 1820
Principal: Shivalingappa G.
Tuition per student: $50 per year
Who pays tuition? Government-funded; Parents pay for notebooks, pencils
Extra Staff: One Office Assistant, One Custodian

Proposed Work

1. Installation of new toilets at the Kengeri School

2. Installation of heavy, lockable doors to ensure that vandals will not be able to access the toilets.

3. Install facilities for students to wash their hands.

4. Construct the entrance and exits of the toilets in such a fashion that, while the privacy of students is protected, potential dangers cannot hide in corners.

5. Establish proper water connections, guaranteed by the local utility authorities to
always provide fresh, clean water.

6. In addition to rebuilding the toilets, we will run a one-day workshop for all students
whereby they can learn about the importance of good hygiene in a fun and interactive
way. Our team of international volunteers is currently working with medics in Bangalore,
India to create a teaching method which is fun, informative and engaging.


It is hoped that the workshops will ensure that students will learn not only the importance of good hygiene in school but throughout the rest of their daily lives. We hope to create hygienic habits which students will take with them where ever they go.

The workshop will examine hygiene at school before teaching children how to be more hygienic in the household. Students will be encouraged to tell their family about what they have learned. Posters relating to basic hygiene will be displayed in the toilets as a regular reminder to students. The workshop will also be used to highlight the need for students to respect their new facilities.

We will be visiting regularly and monitoring the use and cleanliness of the facilities.


Cost in USD (Indian Rupees):

Construction Material and Labor
Cement x 55 bags: $215 (9,900)
Jelly Stone x 4mm x 1 lorry load: $217 (10,000)
Jelly Stone x 6mm x 1 lorry load: $239 (11,000)
Foundation Stone x 1 lorry load: $168 (7,750)
Sand x 2 lorry load: $196 (9,000)
Steel x 60 kg: $185 (8,500)
Industrial Water x 1 tanker: $109 (5,000)
Plastering x 100 sq ft: $65 (3,000)
Plastering Labor: $43 (2,000)
Foundation Labor x 60 sq foot: $100 (4,600)
Mixer: $65 (3,000)
Mason: $67 (3,100)
Bricklayers x 4: $96 (4,400)

Typical Ceramic Toilets x 14: $183 (8,400)
GI Pipes x 100 ft length: $26 (1,200)
Sewer Pipes x 40 ft length: $13 (600)
Chambers x 3: $5 (240)
Taps x 6: $16 (720)
Miscellaneous (angles, brackets etc.): $92 (4,250)

Doors x 7: $174 (8,000)
Door Frames x 14: $38 (1,750)
Window x 7: $68 (3,150)
Window Frames x 7: $15 (700)
Carpenter: $33 (1,500)
Electrical connection and lighting: $49 (2,250)
Electrician: $22 (1,000)

TOTAL: $2,500 (115,010)

Project Schedule

The fundraising phase of the project was started in September 2005. Our goal is to raise the entire $2,500 by Christmas of 2005. The actual work to install the toilet facilities is scheduled to begin in January 2006 with an estimated time of one month to complete the work.

Detailed Schedule:
September 15, 2005: Begin fundraising
December 15, 2005: Complete fundraising goal of $2,500
December 20, 2005: Deliver funds to Kengeri School in India
January 02, 2006: Begin construction of toilet facilities
January 17, 2006: One-day hygiene workshop for students
January 30, 2006: Complete construction of toilet facilities
February 01, 2006: Toilets available for students

Project Report

This project is going to be documented the from start to finish. This will include a formal project report, photos, video footage, and interviews with students and staff of the Kengari School. This material will be made available to all donors. 


ARIVU was founded in 1999 by Jagan (“Joseph”) Devaraj. Joseph is a native of India who grew up in Bangalore. After working in IT for several years, Jagan decided to devote himself full-time to improving the educational experience for economically and socially marginalized students in rural India.

With the help of international volunteers, ARIVU develops programs in dozens of schools in south India including interactive reading sessions, first aid training, arts and crafts, and theater programs.

About Cosmic Volunteers

Cosmic Volunteers offers international travelers the opportunity to learn about and contribute to non-western cultures through volunteer programs, internships, and language study.

Cosmic Volunteers began by offering volunteer programs in Nepal in 2000, but has since  established ongoing programs in Ecuador, Ghana, India, Kenya, Peru, the Philippines,
and Vietnam.

Cosmic Volunteers was founded in 2000 by American Scott Burke after spending three months in rural Nepal teaching English to primary school students. 

Scott visited ARIVU and the Kengari School in September 2005 to meet with students and tour the school’s facilities. This was Scott’s third trip to India.


To make a donation to the Kengeri School Toilet Project, please print-out this page, fill out the form, and mail it to the address below along with a check or money order made out to “Cosmic Volunteers”.

Cosmic Volunteers will send all donors a receipt letter by post that will include the donation amount, the date the donation was made, and the name of the charity (“Cosmic Volunteers, Inc.”). The receipt letter is an acceptable record of donation for tax purposes. Donations are fully tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers to the amount allowed by law. Cosmic Volunteers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity registered with the Internal Revenue Service.

All donors have the option of having their name and/or organization listed on the official
letter to be presented to the Kengeri School upon completion of the project.

Donation Form for the Kengeri School Project

Name: __________________________________
Address: ________________________________
City: _______________________ State: ______________ Zip: _________
Telephone: ___________________
Email: __________________________

How did you hear about this project? _________________________________________

____ Yes, please include my name on the official letter to be presented to the Kengeri School upon completion of the project.

Donation Amount: ___$5 ___$10 ___$25 ___$50 ___$100 ___$250 ___$500

Mailing Address:
Cosmic Volunteers
c/o Kengeri School Project
P.O. Box 11895
Philadelphia, PA 19128

Kengeri School - Inspection - Volunteering Bangalore India

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