Anna Schmid: Volunteer with children with disabilities in San Isidro, Peru

I’ve had a really great time in Peru, the experience has been fantastic and the people have been even better.

My Program Coordinator has provided me with a lot of support – for example, I was sick during my trip, and they called to see how I was doing frequently. My host mom has also been great, she made me soup when I was sick and has taken care of two meals a day for me.

I’ve really enjoyed volunteering with the children, as well as time spent out in Lima with the other volunteers. Learning about a new culture and expanding my Spanish vocabulary has been rewarding.

I thought that the city tour was pretty good, as well as all the information provided about my volunteer program in the first few days. I also thought that the Spanish lessons were a nice touch.

What I enjoyed most was the flexibility. Though I had constant support if I needed it and people were always ready to help me out, I could pretty much make my own schedule and that was a major plus.

Overall, I really enjoyed my trip and I would encourage others to participate in the program.

Anna Schmid (USA)
Volunteer with children with disabilities in San Isidro, Peru