Anna Grummon: AIDS Volunteer in Ghana

Ghana has been treating me very well so far. My host family is wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better living situation. They really care about my happiness, the house is clean and safe and I am fed well!

The volunteer work has been good as well, if at times slow. I have been at the HIV/AIDS facility for the last week and a half and will start in a fosterhome/school just outside of Accra next week. It’s about an hour from my house by trotro.

I am planning a trip to Cape Coast with some other volunteers I’ve met in Accra. I was surprised to see so many obrunis! It’s been nice to make some friends in the same situation I am in.

Accra is like another world; so far this has definitely been an unforgettable experience. I am glad my first trip to Africa was to Ghana. I feel very safe here. Everyone is incredibly friendly and welcoming. Besides the heat, I have no complaints!

I am loving my trip and am very thankful to you and your organization for setting this all up. You’re doing a great thing! Talking with some other volunteers makes me especially grateful – some have had not so great experiences with their organizations. I am very lucky 🙂

Anna Grummon (USA)
HIV/AIDS work in Accra, Ghana