15 Rules of the Road When Volunteering Abroad

Here are 15 “Rules of the Road that we teach our volunteers so that your volunteering trip abroad is a safe and meaningful experience.

1. You must be supervised and escorted at all times – by either our staff or host family (only for volunteers < 16)

2. Always carry contact information on paper for our staff, host family and peers

3. All illnesses, incidents, and accidents MUST be reported immediately to our local Coordinator

4. Only drink bottled or filtered water (never tap water)

5. Do not ignore symptoms like persistent headache, diarrhea, and insomnia

6. Absolutely no swimming under any circumstances (even in hotel pool)

7. Do not isolate yourself (via ear buds, sunglasses, staying in bedroom)

8. Wash your hands frequently (also use hand sanitizer)

9. Use bug spray at night to avoid mosquito bites

10. Watch for pickpockets at ATM’s and tourist areas

11. Do not be flashy with cash, cameras, jewelry etc.

12. Vehicles always have right of way – never assume they will see you or stop for you!

13. Do not ride on motorcycles or in unlicensed taxis/buses

14. Always have your cell phone with you

15. No adventure sports like zip-lining, snorkeling, rock climbing, aerial activities of any kind