“Viral Bhaidiyo” Music Video in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal has many benefits of course. Including exposing you to Nepali pop culture!

The music video “Viral Bhaidiyo” is THE latest viral hit in Nepal. Produced by Sabin Karki, the video is cute and catchy.

But the video also gives you some snapshots of life and scenery in Kathmandu and villages.

Production of the video was led by Sabin Karki (aka Beest) and Sanjay Karki. Sabin is the Director, Choreographer, Editor and Colorist of the video, while Sanjay Karki (SonJ) is the Cinematographer.

Sabin is the former leader and choreographer of group The Cartoonz Crew. He is known as a great dancer, amazing choreographer, rising director and actor.

The singer in “Viral Bhaidiyo” is Manas Raj. The actors/actress included in the video are Dikshya Thakuri, Sabin Karki (Beest), Merry Khatri, Sabrina Gurung (Flow), Subham Bhujel, Shankar Dhungana (Kakku)and Xiring Theeng.

Uday Raj Poudel arranged the music where the song was mixed by Ashok Maharjan.

Remember to look for Nepali music videos when you volunteer in Nepal!

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