Volta Region of Ghana

The Volta Region is located in eastern Ghana, bordering Togo. Our programs take place in the towns of Kpando, Hohoe, and Ho. The volunteering programs in the Volta Region include include health care internships, orphanage work, HIV/AIDS advocacy, and teaching at nursery and elementary schools.

The bus ride of 2-3 hours from Accra to the Volta Region can be hot, bumpy, and long. But once you get there, you’ll be amazed at the Volta Region’s scenic beauty, with its beautiful rivers, water falls, lagoons, and rolling hills.

The Volta Region is a welcome change from the bustle and traffic of large urban centers like Accra and Kumasi. The pace of life is slow, the locals are extremely friendly, and you’ll have the opportunity to truly become part of the local community.

The largest tribe in the Volta Region is Ewe. Many people make their living from agriculture in the region, so you will see a lot of farms that produce cocoa, tobacco and teak.

Ewe is the main language in the Volta Region. However as in the rest of Ghana, English is widely spoken, along with Twi.

Most of our volunteer placements in the Volta Region are within walking distance from your host family (or hotel if you choose that option). However you can take a taxi which will cost you less than $1 USD for a round-trip ride. We recommend that long-term volunteers buy an inexpensive bicycle ($30 USD) for both commuting to their volunteer job as well as for visiting nearby towns.

The Volta Region is extremely safe in terms of personal safety as well as health. Every town in the Volta Region has a major hospital which can treat serious illnesses, such as The Marquat Hospital in Kpando.

The Volta Region is generally hot and dry year-round with a short rainy season. Daytime temperatures range from 26-35 C (78-95 F) throughout the year.

For activities in your free time — There is a lively outdoor market that is a lot of fun to see.  Lake Volta, just outside of Kpando, is one of the largest artificial lakes in the world. There you will see locals making their living from the lake in various ways like collecting driftwood and selling goods to the ferry passengers. There are also several waterfalls in the area such as Tagbo Falls and Wli Falls (the largest in west Africa). You can also visit the outdoor Catholic grotto in the town of Agbenohoe.

Dates:  Available year-round. You choose the start and end dates.

Program Fees

  • 1 Week: $995
  • 2 Weeks: $1,150
  • 3 Weeks: $1,300
  • 4 Weeks: $1,450
  • (After 4th week, add $150 per extra week)

What’s Included

  • Volunteer Placement
  • Meals & Accommodations
  • Airport Pickup & Drop-Off
  • 24-hour Support
  • Orientation in Ghana
  • Handbook for Ghana
  • Pre-trip Guidance & Support
  • Assistance with Visa Process
  • Drop-off at Program Site
  • Introduction to Host Family
  • Guidance with Extra Sightseeing
  • Cosmic Volunteers T-shirt
  • Certificate of Participation
  • An experience that will last a lifetime!

(Not Included: Flights, Insurance, Visas)

Ghana Volunteer Excursion Wli Falls