Tamale, Ghana

Tamale is the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana. It takes 11 hours by bus to reach Tamale from the capital city Accra. Tamale has a population of 360,000 and is one of the fastest growing town in west Africa. There are a significant number of expat and foreign volunteers in the region, many of them in international development.

English is the official language and widely spoken. The primary local language is Dagbani. Other languages include Akan, Ewe, and Ga.

Our local Tamale Coordinator will pick you up at the airport in Accra, and accompany you by public bus to Tamale (11 hours). On a daily basis in Tamale, volunteers are driven from their host family to the volunteer project for free, then back home at the end of the day. At the end of your program, your Coordinator will accompany you back to Accra and take you to the airport.

The climate of Tamale is very hot and mostly dry. High temperatures range from 87 F in August to 102 F in March. There is a brief wet season in August/September. Click here for the current forecast.

Sightseeing & Activities
There are many sightseeing and cultural events to see in and around the Tamale area and the Northern Region. Some of the highlights include the Tamale Central Market, Mole National Park, Larabanga Mosque, Kintampo Water Falls, Paga Crocodile Ponds and the Paga Nania Slave Camp.