Fishing Boats in Ghana

A must-see on any volunteering trip to Ghana is its beautiful coastline. One of the more interesting sights are the colorful traditional fishing boats known as “pirogues” (not to be confused with our favorite Polish food pierogis!)

Many visitors go to the touristy town of Elmina to see the boats and the fishing industry scene. But don’t forget about the capitol city Accra.

Below are some photos we took on the beaches of Accra, not too far from the city of Tema. One of our volunteer program coordinators in Ghana regularly takes our participants to see the boats and even talk to local fisherman.

You will notice that the boats usually have some words and phrases with some sort of Christian reference. Ghana, as you will quickly learn on a visit there, wears its Christianity on its sleeve – and its fishing boats. On this day, the boats had phrases like “God’s Time Is The Best”, “The Bible”, and “Everything By God”.