Book on Ghana Orphanage Trip

Ghana Book Orphanage Volunteering

Our volunteers Teresa and Andrew Allen have written a book about their experiences volunteering at an orphanage in Cape Coast, Ghana in in 2009.

The couple volunteered at the Children Of Hope Orphanage in Asebu, Ghana. 

Here are some text excerpts from their book:

You are invited to Asebu, Ghana, and the humble home of 17 happy, smiley, and bouncy Children of Hope.

Running to meet us is little Olivia. Her welcome gifts to us are her smile, laughter, kindness, and love of learning.

The Children of Hope are proud to introduce us to their goats. These lucky goats couldn’t have better caretakers — or friends — than the Children of Hope.

Twice a day, the Children of Hope collect fresh water for meals and baths. Their home does not have electricity or running water, so the children walk a mile to and from the water source, carrying buckets on their heads.

Two kind women care for the Children of Hope, day and night. And on Sundays, they
spend many hours making the children’s favorite food: fu fu! Fu fu is a traditional Ghanaian dish made from pounded cassava root and is served with a savory stew.