Hats for Ghana Nursing Scholarships

After volunteering in a hospital in the Volta Region of Ghana, Montreal nurse Julia Garland decided to start fundraising with handmade cloth hats.

Julia has raised over $10,000 to date, enough to fund three separate yearlong scholarships for Ghanaian nurses.

As Sarah Giles wrote recently in The Canadian Press, brightly coloured cloth caps are used by some Canadian doctors and nurses before heading into the operating room.

Retired anesthetist Dr. Glenn Gibson believes he was an early trendsetter in slipping on brightly coloured cloth caps before heading into the operating room.

So he was a bit disappointed when some hospitals started to ban the cloth protective headwear, which allow doctors to show a little personality.

“I like cloth OR caps. I got tired of wearing the plain green ones, so about 25 years ago I started making my own … with ridiculous colours and designs that nobody would buy,” said Gibson, who estimates he had about four dozen at one point.

Our medical volunteers in Ghana can use any type of cap during their healthcare internships in Ghana. The more important aspects of the medical volunteering program include learning about medical care delivery in Africa and providing treatment to locals.

As a healthcare intern in Ghana, you can work at a large hospital or a semi-rural clinic. The two primary locations in Ghana for the programs are Cape Coast and Volta Region.

You are welcome to specialize in a particular department like maternity or emergency medicine. Medical and nursing students can receive academic credit through their internship with us in Ghana, typically as an elective with their school back home.

Ghana Medical Interns in Surgery

Xmas Party and Jesus Play in India

We at Cosmic Volunteers just received a heartfelt Greetings from Sri Ramana Matriculation School in Tamil Nadu, India.

The principal Mr. Karuna writes to us and our volunteers in India, “Wish you a Prosperous and Happy New Year Ahead!”

The children at the school staged the play of the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Santa Claus made an appearance as well !!

Interested in teaching in India with the students at Sri Ramana school? Contact us!

India Xmas Jesus Birth 06

India Xmas Jesus Birth 05

India Xmas Jesus Birth 04

India Xmas Jesus Birth 03

India Xmas Jesus Birth 02

India Xmas Santa Claus Gift

India Xmas Party

India Xmas Party Kids

India Xmas Jesus Birth 01