10 Pre-Trip Questions for Volunteering Overseas

Before you go on a volunteering trip abroad with Cosmic Volunteers, we will ask you some questions. Your answers will give us a better idea of your motivations and knowledge about taking on an experience like this.  There are no trick questions here! Just answer honestly.

10 Pre-Trip Questions for Volunteering Overseas

1. Why do you want to go on a volunteering trip abroad?

2. What do you know about the host country?

3. Do you volunteer back home?

4. Do you have any special talents to share (art, music, dance etc.)?

5. Have you traveled internationally before?

6. Do you speak any languages other than English? Level of fluency?

8. What are some strategies for staying safe and healthy abroad?

9. Is there any medical / dietary information we should be aware of?

10. How would you handle this situation: You are lost abroad in a remote area on foot with no cell phone, no cell towers or Internet service, no money or bank cards, no local contacts, and you do not know the language.